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How to communicate your designs with utmost clarity to your clients?

Ordinary people have difficulty understanding plans, and elevations and struggle to visualize Mood boards and 3D views. They are not comfortable visualizing their space proposed in 2D or 3D representations. They either adjust and assume to have understood or totally misunderstand and end up in the blame game after seeing the final output. The interactive VR experience excites and conveys the design to your client. They will know exactly what they are going to get. When the final output of your design does not match the understanding and visualization of customers, that leads to dissatisfaction with you and your firm as a whole. This is a massive turn-off for your interior clients as they did not understand the elevation drawings and wrongly interpreted the #3Dviews. Clients strongly believe that as an #Architect / #Builder or #Contractor, you have failed to communicate the design ideas in the right manner. Interactive Virtual Reality helps clients experience and understand not just the design but also the distance and sizes. Interactive VR is the ultimate game-changer for your interior business. Avoid numerous 3D revisions for good.

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